Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spaghetti and Meatbealls? Pffft. A Snapshot of A Week In Vegan Dining:

Deprived? Hungry? Subsisting on lettuce and tomatoes? Je ne pense pas as le french say.
This mindblowing spaghetti from NYC's Charlie Bird tossed together noodles with grape halves, walnut crumbles, raisin, herbs and a drizzle of their chili paste sauce for a spicy kick. Simple and delicious.
Crostini toast topped with sliced grapes, radish slivers, olive oil and herbs. Insane times twelve.

That time I went apple picking in Cold Spring with my amazing friend Emilie...

 That time we peeled a lot of apples...
 And more..
If only photos could capture the smell of this amazing apple crumble...

Happy Snazzy Vegan dining ya'll!

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