Thursday, November 14, 2013

NYC Chain Fresh & Co. is a Good Egg for Hungry Vegans!

Originating in 2008, Fresh & Co. has since exploded to make a veritable mark on the New York City foodscape. Far from a conventional fast food restaurant, this "Improved Fast Food" chain works with local, family farms to bring its patrons seasonal, fresh fare. Boring sammies and sides, step aside! The rapidly expanding chain with eight locations and counting (currently only in NYC, but plans are in the works for national expansion), offers autumn hits like a vegetarian Fall Harvest Salad (roasted butternut squash caramelized pears, blue cheese, frisee, sundried cranberries and pear vinaigrette) and vegan The Greater Tater (sweet potato panini with arugula , cucumbers, sriracha aioli and vegan mayo).

As many vegans surely know, eating at home is a cinch, but dining out on fast food on the fly can often prove a struggle filled with limited options, tasteless sides and a hungry stomach. Fresh & Co.'s produce-centric menu offers no shortage of vegan-friendly options (in fact, I had hard time deciding what not to order) that are creative and filling. In fact, the Fresh & Co. team recently shared with me that even non-vegans are opting to dine on vegan fare (Whoo!). And you know that miserable post-fast food coma of oh-my-gosh-did-I-really-just-eat-all-that haze? Expect enough energy to run from Harlem's KFC to Brooklyn's and back.

Hello acorn squash, hello kale, hello figs, hello tahini. Hello seasonal deliciousness.
 Game on, protein.
 Hello, chia seed pudding. We'll do with you later.
Peace out carnivore panini paradise;  hello, unchicken sandwich and sweet potato heaven.
 Hello, Suja (Elements!). We'll cheers to a meal this satisfying and nutritious.

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